Filc 827

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   Felt-like non-woven fabric made of a variety of synthetic fibres. It is a material with high resistance to tearing and abrasion. The product is thermally stabilized after the calendaring process. Application: The undercoat is used mainly as an underlay element, protecting upholstery fabrics against damage, or such as protection of machine elements during transport and many others. It is one of the cheapest materials available on the market for this type of application. • furniture upholstery - it is used as a spring cover, mattress underlay, underlays under furniture • car upholstery - suitable for insulation and soundproofing of the cabin interior • furniture • heating and soundproofing of floors - suitable for floor panels, planks, floor coverings • as a protective, stiffening and strengthening underlay. Density 500 g/m2 Thermal resistant max up to 150 C Width up to 200 cm. Thickness ca. 5 mm Buying 1 item you get 1m2 Price for 1 m2 WARNING! The shop system does not convert orders into half metres