Adhesives for upholstery

Adhesives for upholstery are widely used in any upholstery industry—both in furniture as well as automotive upholstery, and upholstery for yachts. You can find a wide range of adhesives for upholstery in our shop, which, we are sure, will be well-suited to any of your tasks and will meet all your expectations. Firstly, our products are characterized by excellent quality, as they were produced by well-known and valued producers. Adhesives for upholstery are very reliable, strong and durable, which will make any of your upholstery work easy. Our diverse selection contains, among others, Butacolla adhesives, dedicated mainly for automotive upholstery, footwear industry and leatherware industry, but they can also be used in furniture-making. They are used to glue felt, rubber and also many fabrics. They, however, are not the only products, which we have prepared for our clients. Other, often selected products are Bonaterm adhesives, used mainly in automotive industry. They are also well-suited for furniture-making. You can find in our shop adhesives applied with a brush, pneumatic gun and in aerosol spray. Upholstery products offered in our shop are also reasonably priced, which also speaks in their favour. If you are looking for tested, good quality and inexpensive upholstery products—you are welcome to see our abundant products on offer.

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