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Thermal-insulation mat


A water-proof mat with an aluminum coat, self-adhesive - an insulation mat for car engine bonnets and any other elements where insulation from arduous noises and highest quality thermal insulation are required. It provides a level of thermal insulation that is unachievable for traditional materials thanks to the fact that its core is made of uniform cross-linked laminate with closed cellular structure and a cover coat made of reflective aluminum foil (reinforced with polypropylene fibers).

This product can replace mineral wool as thick as 80 mm!

Water-proof mats with an aluminum coat protect the vehicle against excessive heating in the summer and cooling in the winter.

The mats are fully resistant to moisture, oils, and lubricants. They maintain their parameters even after being cut.

The mats do not rot, are anti-allergic, do not produce dust, and can be used inside vehicles. They do not produce any offensive odors and can be used on any type of surface.

Thanks to the aluminum coat, they can be used in temperatures up to 100 deg. Celsius.


The large thickness (10 mm) combined with the dense laminate and reinforced aluminum coat guarantee the best parameters in the market.


Most common applications:

Noise and thermal insulation of vehicles, industrial machinery, and engine covers.

A layer protecting against moisture, freezing, or dirt.



The mats are manufactured in 1,000 mm wide rolls.

Laminate density 30-36 kg/m3.

When ordering one piece, you purchase 1 m2 of the mat.

The price given is a gross price of 1 m2.


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