Foams for upholstery

Foams for upholstery are nothing else but upholstery sponges, which are leading representatives of flexible polyurethane foams. The foams are available on the market in many versions, differing in the degree of density of flexibility. This is also what defines the purpose the foam is used for. If a product has lower density, it can well be used to upholster doors, backrests, armrests and it can also be used as a supplementary-filling material. Articles of higher density, in turn, are used in the production of chairs, armchairs, seats, couches or mattresses. They are most often used in the upholstery industry (as the name indicates), in the production and renovation of furniture. Foams for upholstery that can be found in our shop are characterized by good quality and a wide spectrum of use. Our offer includes laminated foams for upholstery, latex 55x55 foams, latex with glue foams as well as 120x200 foams for upholstery. All products available in our shop also have attractive prices, which is their indisputable advantage. Upholstery materials with an adhesive are latex sponges, which have a layer with an adhesive on one side. They are used in the production of armrests or windshield cowls. Latex foams, which were produced in the course of a chemical process of synthesis, ensure a high comfort and a very long period of use. Laminated foams, which are also on offer, are widely used mainly in the automotive industry. They are used in cars and yachts and have soundproofing qualities. 120x200 foams are a perfect solution for furniture upholstery, such as chairs or armchairs. They will also be perfect for mattresses, foam furniture, cushions, lairs for animals and many other things. They are soundproof and are of the highest quality.

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