Soundproofing mat with aluminum foil

Sound insulation mat with aluminum foil


An anti-vibration sound-insulation mat made of pure butyl, 2 mm thick, light, of increased thickness and the best sound insulation properties. Excellent adhesion and installation in places that are hard to access, such as embossed metal profiles and great installation on plastic door sides. Can also be used as a finishing element when sound-insulating doors.

Use of sound insulation mats:

To attenuate low-frequency resonance of metal elements, doors, floors, trunks, wheel arches, and front partition.

Do not require heating

do not crack

high flexibility leads to even better sound insulation

anti-corrosion action - cracked bituminous mats often become wet

insulates vibrations and shocks

blocks noise

effectively reduces transmission of heat thanks to the aluminum

resistant to water and oils

strong adhesive

resistant to mould

no toxicity

approved for use in the car industry

use in a broad range of temperatures from -50 oC to +120 oC


Width 50 cm

Thickness 2 mm

Aluminum thickness 100 Nm

When you buy 1 piece, you get 1 square meter of material

Price per 1 square meter

CAUTION! The store system does not calculate orders into half-meter lengths.

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