Vibration isolation pad

An insulation mat for floor panels, floor boards, carpet flooring, beams, and any other elements where insulation from impact and air noise is required. Ensures excellent comfort when walking and outstanding acoustic parameters.


The mat placed under a carpet flooring gives the so-called "soft ground" effect: the pleasant feeling of a thick, exclusive carpet. Moreover, the flexibility of the mat extends the service life of flooring due to high absorption of the energy produced when walking.

The mat provides sound insulation in any room. Standard carpet flooring does not provide sound insulation.

The mat also has very good thermal insulation properties. Used under carpet flooring, it provides additional thermal insulation. The thermal conductivity coefficient is equal to 0.095 (W/mK).

The mat is cost-effective as little waste is produced during installation. Because it is made of rebound foam, it is also a highly environmentally friendly material. It does not produce a strong odor and contains no harmful components, like many other counterfeited products. It is safe to children and is often used in kindergartens and hospitals.

The mats have all required hygienic certificates.

They can be used in any residential and public spaces.


Thickness 10 mm, roll width 1,000 mm

Price per 1 m2


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