Sound-absorbing materials

Every driver dreams of a peaceful, safe and silent journey. Save driving is guaranteed, amongst other things, by calming the organism. What can help with that? There are many kinds of drivers, each has his/her own method. Some install soundproofing systems under a bonnet—the so-called bonnet sound pad. It is fixed in place with pin clips, it gently muffles the working engine, however, it may not be sufficient for exacting clients. We have on offer a 2 mm-thick soundproofing pad made of butyl. It is very light, has a heightened density, and, what is most important, it not only muffles the working engine and other real wear parts, but also its structure muffles vibrations. This sound and vibration insulation pad is put in place with an adhesive. The pad attaches easily and folds easily in difficult places as well. It can be used in many places—metal elements, wheel house shells, fenders, doors, floor, compartments. Its structure also plays an important role in the overall good reputation that it has—it is perfected to the last detail. Therefore, it can be used without prior heating, it does not split in low temperatures or when used often. Despite such resistance, it is very flexible, which enhances its soundproofing qualities. Aluminium, which is a component of the pad, reduces the permeability of cold air inside the vehicle. It has appropriate certificates and licences, and is therefore fit for use in the car industry. It is also free of any toxic substances. It is perfect for European weather conditions as it can be used in temperatures between -50C and +120C.

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