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Upholstery threads are extremely durable and resistant to tearing materials used to sew up furniture upholstery or car upholstery, in which the possibility of long use is particularly important. The upholstery threads are made of polyester silk, which provides them with exceptional turn stability, low elongation, high strength and resistance to friction. The upholstery threads we offer meet all the quality criteria, thanks to which their use for sewing car or furniture upholstery allows you to keep them in good condition for a long time. All colors are resistant to light, washing and chemical factors.

Thanks to the use of modern materials in our upholstery threads, it is possible to make stitches of almost invisible seams, which are also extremely delicate, but also extremely durable. They are characterized by high resistance to abrasion, light or weather conditions, which, especially in the case of car upholstery, can be extremely variable. The use of upholstery threads available in our assortment guarantees high quality of seams, color variation - we offer a whole range of upholstery threads - as well as durability of the upholstery created thanks to their use. Thanks to many years of experience in the sale of upholstery products, we are able to offer only products from proven brands, guaranteeing our customers satisfaction with a good choice and a favorable price in relation to quality.

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