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Automotive upholstery is an important issue not only for motor vehicles fans. Everyone, who uses a car, surely is aware that good materials used in a car influence not only its visual appeal, but also how comfortable the journey is. We have especially prepared for our clients an offer, which includes imitation leather for cars of the highest quality, which will surely satisfy your innermost expectations and every need. Eco leather for cars is a material of highest quality that will guarantee comfortable journey for many years to come. The materials presented by us are characterized by high functionality, resistance and durability. Imitation leather for cars is resistant to any adverse conditions, do not react with dampness or differences in temperature. Our wide and varied selection includes imitation leather for cars with different textures, and it was prepared to include many colours. You will, thus, be able to select material that best matches your car and your individual needs. Eco leather for cars is mainly used for cars, but it may perform equally as well in many other places. It can easily be used in yachts, motorboats or boats, and it can also be used to create sports mats and mattresses. Eco leather available in our shop is available in several versions: with carbon fibers pattern, perforated smooth, Dolaro, yacht-type, laminated, laminated perforated, quilted and imitation leather. These materials can be used in any kind of automobile, as well as in motorcycles and ATVs. High-quality products on offer will undoubtedly improve the comfort of your journey, and they will give your car a new, marvellous look. A wide selection of colours and patterns will allow all clients to choose materials ideally suited for their individual character.

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