Glue SAR 306 1kg

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With high thermal resistance and fast adhesion. Perfect for gluing natural leather, plastic, TR, PVC and PU soles. Ideally suited for gluing leather and artificial car leather with plastics from which the interior of the car is made (planks, pit). Capacity 1kg ADHESION DESCRIPTION: First, preparation of glued materials. Hard parts, mat firmly if possible. - Put the glue on both surfaces. Let it dry 15 - 20 minutes at room temperature. - Spread the artificial leather / leather on the prepared cockpit, gently work with the hot air gun at a temperature of 70 to 80 °C. - Press for about 10 seconds. After 24 hours, the glue is fully bonded and gluing gets the right strength. If you want to be 150% sure that the cockpit will withstand the heat during the July Italy holidays, we recommend using a hardener in a ratio of 3% to 5% relative to the glue. It will increase the glue thermals by additional 30%.