Bonaterm AS 0,8kg

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WEIGHT 0,8 kg DESCRIPTION BONATERM AS glue is intended primarily for the automotive industry for repair operations - sticking foams, textiles and wood-based materials as well as natural and some artificial leathers with oneself and a metal sheet. BONATERM AS glue can also be used in the furniture industry for gluing leather and textile upholstery elements. APPLICATION ONLY USING A PNEUMATIC PISTOL APPLICATION It is characterized by the following properties: excellent thermal resistance of the weld (it is resistant to both high and low temperatures), excellent adhesion to the ground, universality - glues many objects (see below). It is ideal for: tuning works for car interiors, repair and replacement of car upholstery, in particular such elements as: headliner (roof ceiling), bellies, foam, damping, soundproofing, carpeting. Used for sticking: all upholstery elements of car interiors, to metal and to itself: foams, sponges, etc., natural leathers and some artificial leathers, textile materials, wood-based materials,