SK M 167

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Phthalate free material, compliant with the requirements of the EU legal regulations regarding the use of azo dyes. Meets the humanoecological requirements of the currently applicable standard for children's products. Artificial leather can be used as upholstery material for furniture and educational blocks intended for children. A wide range of colours, high durability and non-flammability allows it to find applications in public places - interior decoration of hotels, banks, bars, cafes and health care - couch, dental chairs, massage tables, etc. Upholstery fabric with high parameters for tearing, bending, rubbing and abrasion. It is soft and compact.

ATTESTS / CERTIFICATES Hygienic Certificate Flammability Certificate Indication of phthalate content

SIZE Width 145 cm Thickness: 0.9 ± 02 [mm]

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